How do you charge for website maintenance?

Updated on June 17, 2021

Branditechture offer website maintenance services and charge in two ways;

  1. Fixed Monthly or Annual Plan
  2. Itemized One-off Charge

1. Fixed Monthly or Annual Web Maintenance Plan

PLS NOTE: The Fixed Monthly Maintenance Plan is only available to customers who operate a Nigerian bank account at this time, while the Annual maintenance plan is available to clients worldwide (except North Korea). Prices may vary depending on your country. Learn more here.

The fixed monthly or annual web maintenance plan is a cost-saving method of keeping your website clear of any security vulnerabilities 24/7 365, month-in month-out.

It keeps your website free from technical problems that could add up to ultimately become a stubborn issue for your website. Because your website would be put under surveillance using specialized software, we would notice any problems and correct them even before a user notices them. But in the unlikely event that you or a user finds a problem first, we are always on standby to fix that issue immediately.  You may submit a request for us to review your issue or simply contact us via any of our known channels.

Above all, you will also get free content updates and support. Say you want to update your portfolio, all you need to do is send the photos and a description of the items to us at [email protected], and we will do the rest at no extra cost*. The same thing is applicable if you would like to add products to your e-commerce inventory.

Subscribe Now OR See what else is covered.

Please be informed that we do not store your card details.

»  You will get a notification before and after charging your card the next time.

»  To cancel your subscription at the end of every billing cycle, click on the link in the email notification prior to charging your card, but to cancel your subscription at any time, please send us a message at [email protected] or submit a request.

» For account-related questions, please contact us via [email protected].

2. One-Off Charge or Pay-As-You-Go

This doesn’t tie you to a recurring bill. It is a one-off payment every time an update is required on your website.
The charge can vary, and usually calculated based on the number of work hours required to carry out the update(s), plus a base fee.

A breakdown of your bill would be sent to you as an invoice.


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