Terms & Conditions of Employment

Updated on August 11, 2021

We are very pleased to offer you an opportunity to work at Branditechture. After all, you deserve it. However, your contract shall be governed by the following terms and conditions, which you must give consent and agree to, before formally accepting your application by completing your Employee Profile below.

Please take your time to read this carefully and ensure that you understand.

    • 1.1. You shall abide by all of the Company’s rules and regulations. You also agree that your employment may be terminated, either as a result of flouting these conditions or as a fulfillment of the contract cancellation clause.
    • 1.2. You agree to attend any meeting relating to your role — both physical and virtual, or as the situation may require.
    • 1.3. You authorize a full and complete background check against the information you have provided to Branditechture.
    • 1.4. You agree to publicly represent Branditechture on social media as an employee, either voluntarily or as deemed necessary.
    • 2.1. All work done becomes the property of Branditechture Design Agency and its owners.
    • 2.2. You can take credit for work done when publishing on any platform; be it social media or on your portfolio, but you may not do so without prior permission from Branditechture.
    • 2.3. You agree and consent to the filming and recording of you and your voice, conversation, and sounds.
    • 2.4. You irrevocably grant us the rights to use the media in 2.3. above at our own discretion.
    • 3.1. You shall keep confidential and not discuss our trade secrets, marketing strategies, internal plans & agenda, and payment structure with a third party unless granted permission by Branditechture.
    • 4.1. Your Application Form and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Lagos State labour laws.
    • 4.2. You shall always resume and close work at the time stipulated on your job description and offer letter.
    • 4.3. You shall remain ethical and keep your relationship with both clients and colleagues as professional as posible.
    • 4.4. You shall always be available via phone call, text, or email during work hours. Please note that you may be contacted outside regular work hours if the need arises.
    • 5.1. You reserve the rights to quit your appointment as an employee of Branditechture at any time by submitting a formal resignation letter, but you must give a 30-day prior notice.
    • 5.2. You are liable to any damage caused by abruptly severing your contract without passing through the due process described in 5.1. above.
    • 5.3. Branditechture reserves the right to suspend or terminate your contract at its own discretion. You will be paid a full-month compensation, unless the termination is a result of your abuse of the terms and conditions herein.

We wish to congratulate you once again on your new appointment. Simply accept your employment offer by creating your Employee Profile.

⚠️ IMPORTANT!! Use the password provided on your offer letter to gain access to the Employee Profile page (link below).

Please, Click HERE to accept our employment offer by creating/updating your Employee Profile. As stated in the ⚠️ alert above, your password (found in your offer letter) would be required to access this page.

Good luck!

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