What is 2FA on Namecheap?

Updated on August 25, 2022

At Branditechture, Namecheap is our recommended Webhosting partner for starter websites. One of the reasons why we love to use them is due to their security features. This guide explains what a security feature known as 2FA means on Namecheap.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security protocol that adds an extra layer of security to your Namecheap account in addition to your username and password by requiring a code that would normally be shown on the authenticator app configured with it. At Branditechture, we use an App called Authy for this.

When Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, your account cannot be accessed by anyone even if they have stolen your password unless the OTP matches what is currently shown on Authy.

Why is the OTP not getting sent to my email?

Unlike regular OTPs, you do not receive an email notification of the OTP to be used, instead, the OTP seen on the Authy app is used. OTPs typically last about 10 seconds on the Authy App before they become void but the app generates another one immediately.

Authy App

The Authy App

Unfortunately, to get past the OTP prompt on Namecheap while attempting to access your dashboard, you’ll either need to have access to the Authy app which was used to set it up to know what OTP to use, or use what is known as “backup code” to bypass and disable OTP for your Namecheap account.

How we help

In the rare event that you need to access your Namecheap dashboard yourself, or if you wish to start self-managing your web property, we can help get rid of the OTP prompt in two ways;

  1. Remove and disable the OTP prompt from our end
  2. or provide you with the backup code to reset and permanently disable the OTP setting until you re-enable it yourself.

Why we enable 2FA for your account

We enable 2FA for two reasons;

  1. To further strengthen your Namecheap account from hackers or hijackers.
  2. So that we could always have access without having to wait for you to send the verification code. (Especially if you are on a maintenance plan)

I hope this guide helped you to understand what 2FA is and why we use it. Thanks for choosing Branditechture.


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