What is web maintenance?

Updated on October 13, 2021

An Abandoned home getting consumed by kudzu 

A website is like a home or commercial building, when left unmaintained or abandoned, cobwebs and invasive vines like ivy and kudzu work their way through every crack and crevice they can find, ultimately breaking open the foundation of the home and making things like staircases and decks dangerously unstable. 

Website maintenance is an ongoing practice of keeping your website in check to ensure that it is healthy and performant. It’s all about keeping up with security updates, blacklisting bad IPs trying to brute-force their way via the login page, updating its content, assessing and reporting SEO growth, encouraging organic traffic, and making sure your website is kept in compliance with Google and other major search engines such as Bing and Yandex.   

Every day, thousands of websites are successfully hacked through brute-force attacks and malware injections, with the hackers using the websites for illicit things like credit card fraud, phishing, and p0rn advertising, business email compromise (A.K.A BEC scams), to name just a few.  If you value your brand’s goodwill, then you might want to avoid a possible occurrence of all these scandals, which might also get you in trouble with your local law enforcement agencies.         

In fact, website maintenance is an essential ingredient for engaging and retaining your customers on the world wide web but we truly understand how difficult is it to self-manage your website when you have another business to take care of.

To ensure your website stays competitive and relevant, you need to perform regular check-ups. Not once or twice a year. We’re talking about regular monitoring that will help turn your website into a real business tool, just like ours.

How do I subscribe to a Website Maintenance plan?

To learn how to subscribe to a website maintenance plan, click HERE.

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