Why should I subscribe to a website maintenance plan?

Updated on October 13, 2021

Branditechture is a website design and development agency, with key domain and hosting partners. Part of our services is regular web maintenance. Here are reasons why you should consider it.


Priority Technical Support

As a business owner, having your website suffer from downtime or technical problems could mean a potential loss of clients and potential leads.

Should you decide to self-manage your website, you will be required to liaise with your host to figure why the website is down, or waiting on the phone while a customer care officer goes down their log to walk you through the issue.

Subscribing to a web maintenance plan means that we will troubleshoot any issue on your behalf so you don’t have to.

For clients who simply build a website without opting for a website maintenance plan, any issues with their website would be handled and billed separately.

Security Updates & Hotfixes

Hotfixes are also known as emergency fixes. This occurs when a patch is quickly released to fix a vulnerability reported by members of the web development community. The best and important part of website maintenance is keeping your website secure from attackers. Websites built on content management systems like WordPress have a lot of moving parts.

From themes to plugins, updates are constantly rolled out to patch known security exploits. If your website is left with outdated themes and plugins, it is a sure way to invite hackers, malware and viruses. Even the WordPress core gets a major update on a monthly basis.

Updating Plugins and Integrations

Like with security concerns, the same plugins and integrations that run on your website are constantly being updated to improve or add functionality, increase performance, and reduce technical issues and errors.

If you have a busy work schedule, you are very, very likely to ignore all these systems if you self-manage your website, thereby leaving them un-updated and missing out on improved features and emergency security patches.

You may also break your website’s user interface while attempting to perform updates yourself. So why not let us handle all that stress for you. It’s our area of specialization, and we’ve fixed thousands of different broken websites in the past.

Making Changes to Your Website

Need to change a phone number, update your staff section, or add some more products to your e-commerce website? Without a maintenance plan, you’re either going to have to do it yourself or sign a separate contract for the project.

We help all our clients with minor changes to their website, which is covered by their monthly or annual maintenance subscription. There are fair limits, though, but you typically would never reach those limits.

Please note that major changes to your website such as an addition of a page, full or partial website redesign, overhaul, or revamp, are not covered under any of our website maintenance plans. If you ever require such services, you may have to be billed separately despite having an active website maintenance plan.

Keeping Up with Best Practices

The internet keeps evolving, and so are the best practices that are enforced by the big authorities such as social media platforms and search engines.

For example, you may have heard about how Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL. Also ‘wrongly’ called HTTPS, Website Padlock Icon, or Green Padlock) is becoming a mandatory part of browser and search engine experiences, and how going without it can negatively impact your website’s discovery on search engine result pages.

SSL is a great thing to have on your website and your SSL certificates may be subjected to renewal, but the installation and renewal process is never user-friendly. You can save your precious time on this if you are subscribed as it is completely covered by the website maintenance plan.

Alerts on Important Events

We keep a record of important future events of all websites and domains subscribed under a maintenance plan such as the domain and hosting renewal dates and prices. We notify subscribed clients of any impending expiry of their domain and hosting plan. We first notify clients 30 days prior to the expiry dates of their domain or hosting plans, and then 15 days later, then 7 days and finally, on the expiry date so that they may renew their plans to avoid service disruptions.

We cannot guarantee that unsubscribed clients would get a notification. Although we do try our best to send reminders to unsubscribed clients, we are not obliged to remind them.

 The total cost of renewing your hosting and domain would be mailed to you as part of the information on each reminder.

How do I subscribe to a Website Maintenance plan?

To learn how to subscribe to a website maintenance plan, click HERE.

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